cup with roses

Creative Table Decorations

Weddings are major events in everyone’s lives, and this event is usually portrayed grandly. People spend months and months trying to plan out the party whether it is figuring out who to invite, how to invite them, and the general theme of the party to name a few. Everyone wants to have a memorable wedding and this can be done by having several unique wedding decorations.

One very useful wedding decoration which can especially be used to make a table look prettier is the bird cage card holder. This is an exceedingly elegant design which can be used to display the invitation cards given out, or really any piece of paper that you may want to display. The design makes the piece appear to be a vintage bird cage when in reality all it is is a card holder. This piece can be quite costly but it may be worth it if you have enough guests coming who would appreciate this display. You can generally find this bird cage card holder for around 60 bucks online.

Having china teacups filled with roses also makes for terrific table decor.  If budget allows, placing one of these for each place setting is a fantastic idea.

cup with roses

You can also use custom letters that spell the bride and groom’s names out. Although it may not seem like it, these small details cam add a lot. The letters can have a bigger effect depending on where you decide to place them at the wedding, so choose the location of them and all your other decoration items for that matter intelligently!

You can also use rope lanterns to display light through candles in a visually appealing way. Instead of having the same old light of lamps or bulbs, candles may add a cool effect and even scented ones could make a difference too. These candles can then be displayed in a nice rope lantern to make the set up seem very cool. Rope lanterns luckily aren’t overly pricey, coming out to around 10 dollars a piece.

Another cool decoration having to do with tables is two chairs. Not two ordinary chairs though, but instead two unique chairs with one saying Mr. and the other one saying Mrs. . These well designed chairs would look beautiful at a wedding scene and of course obviously imply that those two chairs are reserved for the groom and bride.

Wedding decoration is a key part in planning and organizing a wedding whether it may seem like it or not. Weddings are the time when a vast number of people come many of which you may not see in the next ten years. So, the wedding time is your time to make an impression. Not just any impression, but a good one. It all starts with unique wedding decorations.